Why use Cloth?

Why Use Cloth Nappies

This is the question I asked myself when a friend of mine told me she was using reusable nappies for her first child.

Most people I speak to think of old style cloth nappies with safety pins when they hear the words cloth nappies.

Things have moved on a great deal since then. In this section I am going to highlight just a few reasons I think are important.

Check out your local council area for potential nappy vouchers!

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Cloth nappies definitely reduce the risk of poop blowouts. The elastics on the waist band and around the legs are so much stronger than those on a disposable nappy.

If your little one is prone to leaks and needs regular outfit changes, then cloth could be your answer! If it escapes a cloth nappy, then it would definitely have escaped a disposable.


The average parent spends £600-£1500 on disposable nappies from birth to potty training (including buying cheaper non-branded disposables).

Reusable cloth nappies vary a bit in price but you can kit out for full-time use for around £300.

Don’t forget though that the reusable nappies can also be used again for subsequent children! You don’t have to be a math genius to see the clear savings.


Reduces Landfill.

The average baby uses between 1,800 and 3,500 disposable nappies a year! That’s a huge amount for just 1 child. It takes between 250-500 years for 1 disposable nappy to decompose.

Even part-time use of cloth nappies will drastically reduce the impact on our environment. Start small, choosing reusable once a day will really help.

Check with your local council as some offer government grants to help get started.

No nasties.

With cloth nappies there are no nasty chemicals sitting beside baby’s skin. It can take as little as 13 seconds for something on the skin to be absorbed into your baby’s bloodstream!

Another way to reduce chemical absorption is changing to reusable cloth wipes, just throw them into the washing machine with the nappy, easy!

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why cloth

They are super cute!

The most fun reason is the fact cloth nappies come in such cute colours and designs. You can brighten up their outfit, colour co-ordinate and even match siblings!

All in one (AIO) nappies are as quick and easy as a disposables, just made of cloth and washed rather than thrown away.

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