Bebeboo Choice AI2/Pocket Nappy (Snaps)

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They are 2 part nappies and are made without any absorbancy attached to the nappy. They have a pocket inside the cover to put an insert/booster into, this is what will absorb the pee/poo. They dry quicker than an All in One nappies as you can seperate the nappy shell from the insert. The downside is that pocket nappies require some prep, you need to stuff your nappy with an insert before it’s ready for use. They tend to be a cheaper option than an All in One nappy. Baby of Mine Shop is building it’s stash of pocket nappies, have a browse at our current selection!

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    Bebeboo Choice AI2/Pocket Nappy (Snaps)

    Baby of Mine Shop is thrilled to now be stocking the Bebeboo Choice AI2/Pocket Nappy.

    Save 15% when you buy 3 or more!

    This has quickly become our favourite pocket and comes with the option of a 5 layer bamboo insert or an additional 5 layer insert or just the shell. The inserts popper together and can also popper into the pocket, the nappy also features an amazing stay dry inside made of athletic wicking jersey, which is also Anti-staining!!

    This nappy is a birth to potty nappy fitting 10-35 lbs (4.5-16kg)

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    Bells Bumz Birth to Potty Reusable Pocket Nappy (Shell Only)

    Baby of Mine Shop is happy to present the Bells Bumz Pocket nappy. These Birth to pocket nappies are now available as shells only. We recommend a set of Bells Bumz Mix inserts for the perfect combo.

    Inserts sold separtely.

    To fit 10-35lb

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