Let’s Make Cloth Mainstream

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Cloth/ Reusable nappies, they NEVER entered my head when I was pregnant with my two children. Everyone I knew used disposables; cloth wasn’t even an option in my mind. A friend of mine told me she was going to use reusable nappies for her first child, I had one child myself then, I thought she was crazy. Why? Why would you not just use disposable nappies?

I have covered some of the benefits of cloth in my “Why Cloth?” section of the website. I am convinced the reason a lot of people don’t use them is because very few people talk about them. I am a trained midwife, not once in my training or career did I ever hear anything about cloth nappies. The big debate is breast or formula, nappies don’t get mentioned.

Without driving people mad lets band together to help educate and demonstrate how great cloth nappies are! Lend one to a friend to try, let them see how you store them, tell them about all the great benefits! I think laundry can be daunting issues for some, but honestly, it is really easy after you get a plan in place.

I usually put my nappy wash on at around 7pm and then it’s finished before I go to bed, it’s not advised to run your machine overnight for fire safety reasons. Then in the morning I just do a couple of rinse cycles and they are ready to hang out. Have a look at the laundry advice section on the website for more details.

I really wish I had known more about reusable nappies when I was pregnant, I’m genuinely sad I never got to use them for my daughter. Let’s make cloth mainstream, together.

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