Baby of Mine Shop is here to answer some of the FAQ’s surrounding reusable cloth nappies!

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There are so many cloth nappy types, how do I know what to choose?

Don’t panic, it’s not as hard to get started as you may think. Decide what your priorities are, price, ease of use, slimness, absorbency etc. Once you know what you want then you are more prepared to find the right nappies for you. This video gives a brief look at the different types to choose from to help you make an informed decision.

Video byBaby of Mine Shop Brand Rep Charlene, follow her on instagram for more great cloth nappy content!

Will I have to wash nappies everyday?

No! It is recommened you wash a full load of nappies at a time, the machine needs to be 3/4 full when wet. This is to ensure the nappies are able to get enough agitation to be cleaned properly. With using an average of 4-5 nappies a day you will wash every 3 days. This means washing on a Monday and then the next wash day is Thursday, that averages as 2 extra washes a week! Baby of Mine Shop washing guidance can help you understand how to get a good wash routine.

What do I do about poo?

Babies who haven’t yet weaned onto solid food, have water soluble poo, this means it can go straight into your washing machine. For those that have solid poo Baby of Mine Shop recommends a fleece liner in the nappy. These have 2 purposes, to catch poo and keep babies skin dry. Once used, remove the liner by touching a clean corner and “plop” the poo in the toilet. Then put your liner in the nappy pail, to await wash day. If you don’t like the idea of this you can use dispoable liners that go in the bin along with the poo!

I’m still not sure if reusable cloth nappies are for me, do I have to buy all the nappies at once?

No you don’t, in fact Baby of Mine Shop recommends you start slowly, buy one or two different types and try them, or use a lending library. This way you can see what suits you and your baby best without forking out lots of money upfront. Once you get a feel for what you like you can buy more 1 or 2 at a time.

How many cloth nappies do I need to buy?

To cloth nappy full-time day and night you need roughly 4-6 nappies per day. This includes a night time nappy which usually is a more absorbent, bulkier nappy than used during the day. Based on a 3 day washing cycle this means you need approx. 20 day nappies and 5 night nappies. This number allows for a 24 hour drying time. If you are using cloth for more than one child then you will need more, depending on age and frequency of nappy changes. If at any point you find yourself short you need to add more to your nappy stash.

What about nappy materials, which is the best?

No material is “better” than another as such, they all serve slightly different purposes. Reusable nappy materials are generally categorised into 2 categories, amount they absorb and speed at which they absorb. Below you will find Baby of Mine Shop’s diagram to help to explain this.

nappy material comparison