Reusabelles All in One Nappy


Baby of Mine Shop is very excited to stock Reusabelles All in One nappies!

These carefully designed nappies have 6 absorbent layers of natural fibre as well as an internal double gusset. There is a pocket for easy boosting and drying.

One size fits most 10-35lbs



Baby of Mine Shop is excited to be stocking Reusabelles All in One Nappy.


Reusabelles all in one nappy is a premium nappy that has been carefully designed to provide a simple, easy to fit solution to using cloth nappies. Reusabelles have a double row of waist poppers, a hip stability popper and 3 x 4 rise settings.

The soft tummy elastic at the front helps containment for tummy sleeps but also helps the nappy to sit nicely underneath the belly button.

The nappy has a large natural fibre insert which is sewn in front and back. The insert is softly elasticated to form an internal double gusset.

The insert is wraped in microfleece and features a pocket, with an opening either end. This pocket is multi-functional as it allows for a small booster to be added closest to baby underneath the microfleece.

The pocket also allows for you to easily feel whether the nappy is dry after washing and even allows you to turn the nappy inside out, to increase airflow to the natural fibres and speed up drying time.

The insert is made from 6 thirsty natural fibre layers, 2 bamboo cotton (70% bamboo, 30% cotton) and 4 hemp (55% hemp, 45% cotton).

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