Bells Bumz Birth to Potty Reusable Pocket Nappy (Shell Only)


Baby of Mine Shop is happy to present the Bells Bumz Pocket nappy. These Birth to pocket nappies are now available as shells only. We recommend a set of Bells Bumz Mix inserts for the perfect combo.

Inserts sold separtely.

To fit 10-35lb



See Demo Below


Baby of Mine Shop is happy to present Bells Bumz Pocket nappy. These pocket nappies are perfectly fitting, made from a stretchy outer PUL shell and lined with super soft stay dry suede. The shell has double leg gusseted for ultimate leak prevention and has gentle elastic to avoid compression marks on baby’s delicate skin.

These pockets no longer come with inserts or liners, you can purchase inserts here.

The nappy has a double gusset for extra protection from leaks, 3 adjustable rise settings and hips snaps for extra waist security. The insert can be easily inserted and removed via the pocket openings at the front and the back or used directly inside the shell for those lazy stuffers! There is a stay dry tummy pannel for leak protection at the front of the nappy, particularly good for tummy sleepers.

This nappy fits from 10-35lb (4.5-15.5kg) approx. Babies shape and size differ- this is only a guide.






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